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  • Glove Relacing Testimonials | Reviews

    "Just received my glove today and it looks great thanks"...Jim O. in New York (8/11/2017)

    "Thank you, I received my glove back this morning, looks great!"...Antone P. in Hawaii (2/27/2017)

    "Got my trapeze glove yesterday and very happy with your work!"...Robert M. in Florida (9/18/2016)

    "I received my glove 2 days ago and I just wanted to say what an amazing job you did. The relacing is fantastic!!!"...Eric S. in West Virginia (5/27/2016)

    "Received - and it looks great! Thanks for taking the extra time and care. My 50-year-old knees won't thank you, but my hands sure will! I'll make sure all the guys on the team and in the league know about you."...Jack K. in Oregon (5/18/2016)

    "You did a great job on my daughters glove she loves it Thank you very much!"...Lori S. in New Jersey (3/7/2016)

    "Got the glove today. Thank you! Looks great."...Brian W. in Texas (2/17/2016)

    "I received my Rawlings XPG6 glove today. The glove looks terrific. You did an excellent job. Thank you very much for the great work and timely service ( back for the Labor Day weekend). Hope that you have a very enjoyable and safe Labor Day weekend."...Don K. in New York (9/4/2015)

    "I received my repaired glove in the mail and it looks very good. Thank you. I should have realized at the time I sent it to you it was probably at your busiest time of the year. I appreciate your efforts to restore this old glove and am very happy with the results."...Barney B. in Oklahoma (4/21/2015)

    "I just wanted to thank you and glove repair for the great job you guys did on my glove. its amazing how much an old glove means to someone, I bought that glove in 1978 and used it for over 20 years now thanks to you ill be able to use it with my grandson who is just starting out in tee ball thanks again you guys did a great job. if I hear of anyone who needs a glove restrung ill be sure to give them your name"...Bud M. in Pennsylvania (4/3/2015)

    "Just got my gloves. Thanks for giving some old friends a lot longer to hang around and get passed on to the next generation! Happy holidays.)...Peter T. in New York (12/15/2014)

    "Got the glove today. Great job! Anytime you need a recommendation let me know."...Dan R. in Maryland (11/4/2014)

    "Thank you. I received it last week. Fantastic job. Love the red lacing."...Bruce C. in New Jersey (6/18/2014)

    "Greetings, Rick. My glove arrived last Thursday. It looks great. Thank you, sir."...Dennis W. in Colorado (6/8/2014)

    "Thank you very much. The catchers mitt looks great Sorry I panicked but the glove has a lot is sentimental value Thank again for giving it new life so my son can start out as a catcher with my old glove!"...Rick Z. in New York (5/27/2014)

    "Just got the glove. Awesome job as usual. This is my third glove you have repaired. Have a great summer"...Tim W. in Massachusetts (4/2/2014)

    "Wanted to say thank you for a great job. The glove looks brand new and I can't believe how fast you got it to us. We will be sending his catcher's glove next week for padding! Thanks again"...Lisa B. in California (2/4/2014)

    "I did and the work done on it was phenomenal. Thank you so much for the good work"...Michael S. in New York (1/7/2014)

    "Thank you rick ..the package arrived at noon on Christmas eve just in time to be my sons favorite gift . The work was great"...Gregory C. in Massachusetts (12/26/2013)

    "Thank you for an amazing repair! This was the glove I used in HS and college and now I coach my sons with it. It is like new - I can't believe it!! Thank you so much for a timely and outstanding repair."...Drew Young in Virginia (8/20/2013)

    "I just want to thank you for doing a fantastic job on my glove. I have had that glove my entire life and it feels brand new again. Thanks!"...Sean F. in Michigan (7/12/2013)

    "Awesome job on that mizuno 1st base mitt!! Thank you."...Mark R. in North Carolina (6/1/2013)

    "Thanks, I'm very pleased with the work you did on our green catchers mitt"...Michael C. in North Carolina (3/1/2013)

    "I just received my refurbished glove today in the mail. Thank you for a job well-done. I should have had this done 10 years ago."...Jack N. in Pennsylvania (2/13/2013)

    "I thought I had sent you a ?Thank You? before this, but when I checked my emails, I couldn?t find it. I wanted to make sure that you know what a great job you did repairing my baseball glove. It looks and feels awesome. Excellent work done on it at a reasonable price. I?m happy that I do not have to go through breaking in a new glove this season."...Rex S. in Ohio (1/17/2013)

    "My glove was delivered to me on Friday. It?s great! You did a fantastic job on it. I will recommend you to anyone that needs your service. Thanks again and have a great Christmas and New Year!"...Rex S. in Ohio (12/24/2012)

    "Nice job on the glove! It looks great Thank you"...Jeff H. in Illinois (12/21/2012)

    "Received my glove yesterday. Nice job, I?m very happy Thank you"...Vincent R. in Virginia (12/2/2012)

    "Hello Rick. I received my re-strung glove back. Great job! I?ll send you a few more in the future. Thanks again."...Steve Z. in Missouri (11/19/2012)

    "Just wanted to let you know I got my glove this week. It is like new again!!! Thank You! I'll let everyone I know who needs your services about the great job you did."...Gary C. in Texas (9/1/2012)

    "Thanks for the good work on the saved it!"...Nancy M. in California (7/17/2012)

    "Just got my glove back over the weekend and it looks fantastic. It took me a while to work up the courage to send it away, for fear something would happen and I?d never see it again. You did a remarkable job and I can?t wait for next softball season."...Chuck K. in Maryland (7/16/2012)

    "My Mizuno Fielder's glove looks great. Thanks for your excellent work. Enjoy the upcoming weekend."...Bill C. in Colorado (7/5/2012)

    "The mitt looks great!"...John P. in New Jersey (6/29/2012)

    "I received my glove and my husband was so pleased with the work you did. You really should advertise more. I definitely will be letting the parents and coaches in our little league know about your company. I was a little uneasy about the time I got it back. Somehow I thought it would be sooner, but it was all worth the wait, and my son can now use a comfortable glove in his playoff/tournament games. Thank you and I'm sure you will be seeing more Bayonne people using your company."...Debbie B. in New Jersey (6/21/2012)

    "Got ?em and in time for Father?s Day. They look great, thanks!"...Ian R. in Arizona (6/14/2012)

    "I received the glove a couple days ago. It looks and feels fantastic! Great job on a 35 year old catcher's mitt. Now I'll be able to catch for my son like my dad did for me.

    Thanks so much; I'll definitely pass the word about your company."...Chuck F. in New York (6/4/2012)

    "Glove looks awesome thanks!"...Jon S. in Colorado (5/30/2012)

    "Received my glove today. Great job! Thanks!"...Cristopher K. in Pennsylvania (5/26/2012)

    "I wanted to thank you tremendously for getting me my fiance?s glove as fast as you did. It made it here just in time for the first practice of the season and he was so excited. He said its better than any new glove he could?ve bought.

    I will definitely tell everyone to use you guys!!! Your work was amazing!

    Thank you a million times over!"...Thelma M. in Massachusetts (5/2/2012)

    "The glove arrived today and it?s fantastic! Thanks for another great resurrection. I?m still over the moon about my old high school glove that you fixed last year. But I?m sure you get 20 emails a day saying the same thing."...Erick S. in Connecticut (4/26/2012)

    "I got my glove in the mail yesterday and wanted to thank you for the great job. My glove looks great and I look forward to many more years of use from it."...Peter S. in Michigan (3/13/2012)

    "I received the glove in the mail today and just wanted to send you a quick note that it looks great and I know that your hard work will put another 15 years into the glove. Thanks again!"...David E. in Texas (2/25/2012)

    "I just received my 1977 Pro-H, complete with its new life. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I will not hesitate to strongly recommend your work to others."...Kevin J. in Texas (1/30/2012)

    "Just wanted to say thanks the glove looks great"...Greg M in Texas (12/15/2011)

    "Thanks Rick, you do a great job!"...Stephen C. in New Jersey (9/26/2011)

    "Another fine job........ much thanks"...Cory M. in Wisconsin (9/7/2011)

    "My glove looks GREAT! Thank you sooooo much! I can't wait to get out there & play with it again....I wish I would have known about your site 3 years ago when it first broke. Would have saved me from getting a new glove & trying to get used to that one (which I still have not)..I will defintitely recommend your site to my team & anyone who needs glove re-lacing. Fabulous job!"...Lisa U. in New York (6/30/2011)

    "Great Job Rick! Should be good for another 30 years. Thank you for all your help,...Anthony E. in Tennessee (6/8/2011)

    "I have been remiss in thanking you. I enjoy playing with this glove again -- reclaimed after my dog chewed it up! Thanks again."...David I. in Wisconsin (5/31/2011)

    "Just wanted to send y?all a note to mention how happy my son is with the glove. You fixed his 1st baseman?s mitt very quickly and returned it to us in about a week. He used it for about 12 games since then and it has worked very well, better than new. I only wish that I would have sent the glove to you before the season started. I will recommend you to all our baseball friends!"...Todd F. in Texas (5/25/2011)

    "Thanks. I received the glove today. It looks great....Michael S. in Texas (4/11/2011)

    "Received my glove today. Unbelievable!!!! Thankyou so much. You have a customer for life....Peter K. in Ohio (3/17/2011)

    "Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my mitt. Just got it few minutes ago from the mailman, and like a little kid couldn't wait to see the work you guys did. The lacing and patching looks and feels awesome. I've had this mitt for 15 yrs. and will continue to use you guys in the future as well as recommending you to all my baseball/softball buddies! We appreciate your work!...Rhandy A. in California (1/6/2011)

    "I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the prompt service & the excellent quality of the Omaha infield glove you just did for us. As a high school varsity coach, i appreciate quality gloves & glove repair; After reviewing this repair job you did, I can assure you that you will have my baseball programs glove repair from this point forward. Thank you again Rick for the quality service & repair....Raymond B. in Oregon (12/27/2010)

    "Got the gloves and thanks for the good work."...Steve B. in Wisconsin (12/22/2010)

    "Just received my glove. Did a nice job. Thank you."...Joe M. in Pennsylvania (12/21/2010)

    " Just got the glove back today. Nice work. Thanks you."...Steve C. in Massachusetts (12/10/2010)

    "I must say ? nice work!! The glove feels great, you were wonderful to work with and you turned it around very quickly."...John M. in Michigan (10/7/2010)

    "I'm a Computer Scientist and I've seen a lot of web sites and e-commerce sites and yours is possibly the best I've ever dealt with. Your site was easy to order from. The pricing was clear. I was able to track my glove from the moment it left my hands until it returned to my house. Very few companies, even with lots of money to invest in e-commerce, succeed to the degree you have. Your site will be the example I use for how to do e-commerce well. You also did a great job with my glove."...Patrick S. in Maryland (9/25/2010)

    "Got the Joe Medwick glove back from you folks....the creative lace webbing looks great! Thanks!"...Patrick M. in Missouri (8/19/2010)

    "Just received the 1883 B 1st base mitt. It looks and feels great. Thanks again, hopefully it has allot more pics in it....Rick V. in Florida (7/16/2010)

    "Arrived great. Thank you so much for the help!"...Daniel N. in Texas (6/5/2010)

    "Just picked up the glove. Beautiful job! I know it's not a great glove, but I've had and used it for a bunch of years along with my HOTH fielders glove. Thank you."...Mike K. in Missouri (5/14/2010)

    "Rick great job. I love it. I will tell all my buddys about your work. This glove still has some life in it, Thanks again."...Brad C. in Michigan (5/14/2010)

    "Beautiful job....Thanks Rick!"...David S. in Indiana (4/27/2010)

    "Received my/my daughter's glove back the other day. It looks great. New lacing and everything tightened up nicely. Also, I appreciate you refunding me back the $6.00 for thumb and pinky lacing that I included because I was not sure if it was included with the complete relacing. Looking around at the gloves on my daughters team I noticed amany that could use your services. I will be sure to recommend you to them. Thanks again for your service."...Paul P. in New Jersey (4/22/2010)

    "I got the glove yesterday, it looks and feels great. You do quality work and I will be sure to pass the word along."...Frederick H. in Wisconsin (4/14/2010)

    "The glove looks great and the repaired web is much better than the original version. Thanks for the great service!"...Mark S. in North Carolina (4/4/2010)

    "Got my glove back - great job!!!!"...Anthony S. (3/23/2010)

    "This is Jon Crowley, you repaired two gloves for me about to weeks ago. Just wanted to say nice job, and that I have another on the way to you as we speak....Jon C. in California (3/22/2010)

    "Received my glove today, great job done on it, now we can get another 31 years out of it. Thanks again....Jack L. in Washington (3/11/2010)

    "Just a note to thank you for the outstanding work done on my glove......I am extremely pleased and have recommended you to several people already.......Thanks again"...Joe W. in New Jersey (2/9/2010)

    "To all the folks that would consider second guessing if they should trust your company.Let me just say you are the real deal.The quality of work and quick turnaround is outstanding.Refurbishing AMERICA'S favorite passtime should make you prould to be a great AMERICAN company.Good job!"...Kevin S. in Pennsylvania (2/4/2010)

    "Received glove today. Looks great! Thank you."...Ken B. in Missouri (2/4/2010)

    "I rec'd my gloves yesterday. Both of them look great. Appreciate all the work."...Greg A. in California (1/28/2010)

    "Thank You! The glove looks great and the turnaround time was fantastic. I will be referring you to all of the teams on the competitive league."...Stan P. in Kansas (1/3/2010)

    "26 year old catchers mitt! Got it back in less than a week,looks like new ! Great job !!"...Terry C. in Kentucky (12/6/2009)

    "This is the first chance that I have had to respond. Your work on my daughter's gloves was AWESOME!!!! We are extremely happy with the results. As a matter of fact, I have recommended your services to a couple of people already. Thank you again for a great job!!!"...Doug M. in Iowa (12/2/2009)

    "Nice work.Thank you. I will recommend you to anyone who needs glove service."...David M. in Texas (11/30/2009)


    "Just received my repaired glove, and I'm very pleased with the work you did, and with the turnaround time to get it done. Thanks for a great job."...Felix F. in Oregon (11/4/2009)

    "Hi Rick, Glove received and looks phenomenal!! My son wants to learn how its done. Thanks for doing such a great job."...Harley G. in Louisiana (10/8/2009)

    "My glove looks great. I have had her since 1992, she looks marvelous and has been brought back to life...just kidding. Thanks for the quick turn around and fine workmanship."...Al L. in South Korea

    "Rick - just wanted to let you know that I received the gloves and they look great! Thanks very much."...Scott B. in Virginia (10/7/2009)

    "Just got my re-laced glove back and it looks and feels GREAT, I?m so glad you could bring my 30 year old glove back to life. I appreciate the quick, professional and reasonably priced service."...John S. in Ohio (10/3/2009)

    "My glove is an expensive one that I love and was broken in perfectly for me, but my dog chewed on it and damaged it. I was sure I was going to have to get a new one and break it in all over again. But instead, I took a shot at getting it fixed instead and I sent it to They did an amazing job of repairing it so I could use it again. It is completely fixed and as good as new, and it was turned around in a flash. Terrific work and great service. You cant go wrong with glove"...Roger T. in Connecticut (9/8/2009)

    "Got my "loosened up" glove today and it's perfect. Many thanks for your extra effort. Count me as a satisfied customer!"...Herb P. in North Carolina (8/27/2009)

    "The glove looks fantastic!! My son(12) is so happy to be able to use it again in his rec. league. As you know the glove is 35-40 yrs old. It was my fathers and since my son never met him, we always appreciated my son having some connection through the glove to his grandfather! Many Moms, Dads, and players in the league will want to know how the old glove got fixed. I will be excited to tell them of you and your companies outstanding service and recommend your services to them! We also thought it was ironically cool that the "Stan Musial" glove was in MO. as Stan the man came on the field the other night!"...Mike D. in Maryland (7/18/2009)

    "Rick, a special thanks to you and your staff. I sent my 10 year old son's glove in for repair three days before the start of the Little League All-star tournament. You repaired the glove and got it back to us in time for the first game. Great Job!"...Craig L. in Indiana (7/9/2009)

    "Thanks for a great job on both gloves, and the extra quick turnaround. Will recommend you to all our teams."...Scott M. in Pennsylvania (6/30/2009)

    "Got the glove. Nice work. Thank you....Steve N. in Washington (6/21/09)

    "Thank you very much for repairing my Easton catcher's mitt. The quality of the materials and the workmanship exceeded my expectations by far. I use it to catch both my son and daughter who pitch high school baseball and softball respectively. Your repair work has literally made it better than it was when I purchased it 7 years ago."...Mark F. in New York (6/15/09)

    "I have just gotten back my two mitts I sent to you. You guys did a great job. One-you turned around the order ? very quick ? within days. Secondly ? my 30 year old left handed catcher?s mitt came back in fantastic shape. My son?s team is young enough that they still allow left handed guys to put on the tools of ignorance and get behind the plate they love using that old mitt. They used it last night - and the guys - where ecstatic that it was back and ready for use." ...Mike M. in Illinois (6/2/09)

    "Received my son's glove back today. Looks great. Thanks for you help." ...Sid J. in Utah (5/6/09)

    "Thanks, we got the glove back the other day and it came out great. Your service means we won't need to break in another one, which can take an entire season." ...Mike L. in Washington (5/3/09)

    "Great job on the Easton Stealth Baseball Glove re-stringing. Thanks, again." ...Peter A. in New Jersey (4/7/09)

    "Just received my glove back. It feels great. Didn't want to replace my old glove. I have had it for approx. fifteen to twenty years. It fits like new and everything is tight. I am forty nine and still play softball three nights a week. It's nice to know I have somewhere to go if I have anymore problems with it. Thank You" ...Richard F. in Ohio (4/4/09)

    "I got my glove back! Thank you very much. It looks great!" ...Tony N. in Kentucky (3/24/09)

    "Received the glove yesterday. Great job, looks and feels better than before. It looks so good, my daughter is using it in her home opener in high school softball. I have a legacy glove that I would like to send for a complete overhaul." ...John H. in Maryland (3/20/09)

    "Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. Customer service and quality like it should be :-) Thanks again, can't wait to hit the ballparks!" ...Kristi Y. in Michigan (2/26/09)

    "Great service as I got it back yesterday...and the weather was warm so I got to have a bonus catch w/my son. Thanks so much." ...Curt C. in Pennsylvania (2/26/09)

    "I just received my Wilson A2000 glove and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your work. It looks like a new glove and will probably last another 30 years thanks to you. They don't make gloves like this one anymore and I really appreciate your quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. I'll make sure to recommend you to anyone in the market for glove repair. Thanks again" ...Peter R. in Illinois (2/13/09)

    "The glove looks great. There is another 10 years in my gamer!" ...Dave M. in Rhode Island (1/26/09)

    "Great job on glove. It may be 44 years old, but still close to my heart. I warmed up Indians pitchers with it in 1964-6, and my son's youth teams' 25 years later." ...Thomas T. in Ohio (1/4/09)

    "I wanted to wait until after Xmas to thank you for getting my brother's glove back to Lancaster, PA in time for Xmas. He was absolutely thrilled - beyond words. Your workmanship is absolutely fantastic and I will definitely recommend you and pass along your fine work." ...Janet S. in Pennsylvania (12/30/08)

    "Rick, you have been simply amazing. I'm mentioning you to everyone we know. Thanks for the personal and quick service." ...Kimberly D. in Florida (11/3/08)

    "Got the glove back, it looks and feels fantastic! Thanks!" ...Bruce K. in New York (10/11/08)

    "Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. Your work is impeccable! Looks like a brand new glove. I was amazed at the turn around time, just one week from the day I mailed the glove to you. Believe that I will recommend you highly. Thanks!" ...John L. in California (9/2/08)

    "Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a fabulous job with my glove. When I opened the box, my jaw dropped and I couldn't get over how good it looked and how great it felt. Can't wait to show it off at the next game so don't be surprised if you get a few gloves from Raleigh. Thanks again!" ...Matt P. in North Carolina (8/28/08)

    "I am thrilled at the result of your work. Thank you very much and I will make sure all the guys I know that are still playing understand where to go to get ther mits rehabed. Thank you." ..>Donn C. in Colorado (7/24/08)

    "Recieved the glove today, it looks great and will probably be sending you some more work. Thanks Again." ...Steve B. in Illinois (7/21/08)

    "Just received my glove and wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the job you did! Thank you very much for your attention - I will spread the word." ...Craig S. in New Jersey (6/24/08)

    "I received my mitt yesterday. You did a great job, thanks again for the follow-up. I will be sure to refer others to your service." ...Mark K. in Illinois (6/17/08)

    "Just received the glove. Looks fantastic and I'm ecstatic about it being back to normal now. Lots of memories in that glove, nevermind the catches that I won't forget and I just cant part with it, especially for something as little as lacing! Thanks again, I love your work, definitely will refer you to all my baseball/softball buddies and letting them know about your great work and really prompt service." ...Zaki I. in California (5/15/08)

    "Rick, just wanted to thank you for fixing my son's glove. He likes it a lot better now. You have a great service. Thank you!!" ...Kitty H. in Tennessee (5/3/08)

    "Received my glove back today 4-30-08 everything done perfectly, you people do nice work thank you and I will spread word of mouth around about your whereabouts. Thank again." ...Carl E. in Ohio (4/30/08)

    "Thanks Rick, Received glove today, and you did a great job. I will be sending 2 more in the near future." Gene J. in Alabama (4/28/09)

    "Just got the glove, totally satisfied,awesome job. If you ever need a testimonial let me know. I have a Johnny Bench h.o.h. rawlings I'll be sending soon." ...Jim D. in Ohio (4/24/08)

    "I wanted to thank you for shipping my glove back so quickly- I had it in time for the first game on Tuesday night. You really did a great job- thanks!" ...Colston J. in Virginia (4/18/08)

    "I received my glove today. The web looks as good as new and I really like the way that the trim that was pulling away is wrapped in lacing so it can't go anywhere. Nice work! Thanks very much! I'll definitely recommend your service to my friends and teammates!" ...Greg G. in Illinois (4/3/08)

    "My glove is great ! I will tell my league about you !!!!" ...Chris J. in Georgia (2/13/08)

    "I received the glove back today and could not be happier with your work...the glove looks awesome !!! I am extremely excited to pass this glove on down to my son for this season of baseball. Thanks for your great work...I sincerely appreciate it and will tell everyone I know about" ...Kevin C. in New York (2/4/08)

    "I received my glove yesterday, I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I should have had you relace the whole thing. Oh well, it looks great can't wait for spring time. Thanks again." ...Justin K. in California (11/29/07)

    "Rick - thanks so much for the exceptional job you did on my glove. I never imagined it was going to be like new, especially the fact that it now formed like a glove again (with a pocket again, as opposed to it being flat when closed). Great job!! I will highly recommend you to my teammates." ...Don M. in Tennessee (11/14/07)

    "Got the gloves. Look great. I may be sending another your way soon." ...Toby R. in Texas (11/5/07)

    "Received it today, great job!!! Thanks so much!" ...Brian W. in New York(9/22/07)

    "My glove arrived today...thank you for the fine relacing was like an old friend had returned to me." ...Sid N. in Illinois (7/13/07)

    "I received my glove the other day. Looks great! Thanks for your fine work." ...Greg K. in Connecticut (5/2/07)

    "Got my relaced glove back this week. Looks great and fields even better! Second glove I had relaced through, and I will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend! Thanks." ...Rob S. in Kentucky (4/20/07)

    "I received the mitt yesterday. It looks (and works) well. Thanks." ...Kevin L. in Virgina (4/13/07)

    "Received my glove today. I was like a little kid again waiting for my Christmas present. The glove has new life and many good years left. Thank you very much. I will be sure to brag to all the other old guys at Little League about how to get your glove repaired." ...Barry D. in California (4/12/07)

    "Nice job on the repair, glove looks great." ...Steve G. in New York (4/12/07)

    "I received my son's catchers mitt back from you today and it looks great! You did a great job. During the off season I will send you his regular fielders glove for a full relacing. Thanks for the quick turn around. Look forward to doing business with you again and I will tell others about your service." ...Allen G. in Texas (4/12/07)

    "I just received the glove today. IT IS PERFECT!!!!!! You do amazing work. I am sorry I seemed a little testy, but i had other people telling me I shouldn't have sent it away and I would probably never get it back. The glove looks better than brand new. Thank you so much." ...Rich M. in Pennsylvania (3/23/07)

    "I got my glove back today. I had my glove re-laced once before by another business, but today is the first time it looks and feels like a new glove again! I appreciate the fast and reputable service. Thanks again" Aaron D. in Pennsylvania (3/1/07)

    "Received my glove today, looks good. Thanks for your prompt service and delivery." ...Earl S. in Washington (1/29/07)

    "Got it this morning and it looks outstanding. Thank you!" ...Steven L. in Kentucky (1/18/07)

    "I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the outstanding work by Rick Werner. In the past four months I've had two gloves and a catcher's mitt reconditioned with and the quality is top-shelf. I'm so please with the craftsmanship that I'm touting your work on our team Web site. Keep up the good work; I'm sure we'll be sending more glove your way!" ...Duane C. in Georgia (12/16/06)

    "It looks fantastic! You guys do great work, I've told all my friends who's sons play baseball about you. Thanks!" ...Wayne W. in Alabama (11/5/06)

    "I got my glove back quite a while ago and finally made the time to say great job and thank you." ...Paul O. in Florida (10/19/06)

    "I just received my catchers mitt back. Great job. Thanks a lot. I look forward to doing business with you again." ...Eric T. in California (10/2/06)

    "I received my glove a few days ago. It looks and feels great. Thanks for your work." ...Tom C. in Florida (9/22/06)

    "Thank you so much for fixing the glove. It has great sentimental value. It belonged to a friend of mine who used it as a kid. Thanks for fixing the finger lace. If I ever need another repair job, I know where to send it." ...John A. in California (7/11/06)

    "WOW!! YOU GUYS ROCK! GREAT TURNAROUND! I will recommend your services to others. THANK YOU!!" ...Jim H. in New Jersey (7/1/06)

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